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A love story performed in an antique carved cupboard by means of shadow theater with participation from other various characters who live in a deserted house. For kids from five years old.

Does anybody know what the Chinese emperor sees in his dreams? We are supposed to answer this question. Hans Christian Andersen’s tale with wonderful music by Stravinsky. Shadow performance for kids from seven years old.

A respectable Dragon is coming back to his motherland. What awaits him? A performance with a transformation and fireworks. For kids from five years old.

A Christmas performance with a nativity scene.

Coming soon

A wolf turned inside out becomes a real lamb. A greyhound gives birth to cubs while running. Water pours from a half of a horse. A rabid fur coat runs through the hall and bites the spectators. Marionettes and shadows. For kids from five years old.

Farce. The plot has a little to do with Charles Perrault’s tale. Poor old count! He cannot marry! His bad witch mother is always trying to prevent  him from marriage. The show participants are trick marionettes made of various garbage: plastic bottles, boxes of sweets and yogurt packs, etc. For kids from seven years old.